Going through my hard drive today

Going through my hard drive today. A daunting task.  I finally surrendered to the fact that I needed to purchase another hard drive, since running out of space is not a good thing to have on the back of your mind.  So I went out and got myself a nice 3T drive.

The past two days have been spent going through old Adobe LR catalogs from previous clients.  Deleting all of the images that did not make the final cut.  Another reminder that I need to do this right after the session, not months or years later.

The good part about going through these images is a reminder of how much I have improved over the years along with revisiting some old clients that I haven’t seen recently.  Brings a smile to my face to relive the weddings or portrait sessions. Good times.

While the thousands of images are being moved from one drive to another, I had some time to resize a couple to share.



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