Exposing Light April 2014 Meet Up

Last night was our first outing of the year.  It has been way too cold for many to want to go out and play.  Plus some of us, including myself were way too preoccupied with snowboarding. 

Our assignment was a good starter to get the brain motivated.

Here is the assignment.

  • Use a 35mm focal length (you don’t have to use a prime lens)
  • Bring only ONE LENS, (you know who I’m talking to. ; )
  • Small prop that will fit in a shoe box.

Here is the challenge:

  • Select 3 of your images from your camera, unedited to share.  I’ll be bringing my laptop so we can post them to the group page and critique them.
  • Remember this is to push us to work harder at composition and lighting.
  • Push to work out exposure and shutter so as to not rely on post processing.
  • Shoot in JPEG.

The Results

There were two hard-core shooters that showed up.  The weather was OK, well if you consider 50 degrees and windy OK. I do have to say the light was amazing, nice soft light diffused by white puffy clouds, great bit soft box.

I have posted below the images that I chose along with a fourth, just because I needed to add one more.  I found it really difficult to pick three images without editing them. Why do you ask…

I shoot with a vision.  I see the end result of an image before I capture it. Sometimes the image out of the camera is not exactly how I see it, hence a wee bit of post processing.

I have to admit, I had a little bit of trouble shooting knowing that I couldn’t edit the images.  That is good.  If you don’t struggle or get frustrated, you aren’t pushing yourself to learn and improve.

The original image is on the left, unedited straight from camera. The image on the right is what my vision was before I captured the shot.

I invite others to try this exercise.  Push yourself.  Explore new techniques.

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