Those shiny toys…

For those who know me personally, I am a car geek.  It’s my Dad’s fault really and I thank him for it.  I love cars, especially fast ones.  Top Gear, the BBC version, is my favorite show. Although I do not share their fervent hate for American cars.

While my mom was pregnant with me, I got to ride around in a 68′ metallic blue Stingray, with a black rag top.  I so wish my Dad kept that one.

68 Stingray.jpg

The Stingray

Growing up, I remember my Dad teaching me how to wash and wax the car. He taught me how to check a timing belt, change oil, and tires. He even taught me how to drive his 87′ Vette when I was 12. “Do not go out of 2nd gear.” He would say.

When I finally legally learned how to drive he would scream “slow down” as my Mom’s Jeep Laredo would tip aggressively at the apex of a turn.

When my parents moved across the pond, and my husband and I went to visit, we got the opportunity to run on a real track, the Thruxton Circuit. I got as close to my dream job of racing an open wheel car, a Formula Ford and Formula Renault.

That led up to my husband and I racing in SCCA events locally, until the creatures came along.

So back to the daily driver.  I’m a mom, a photographer, gardener. I should be driving a mini van….shudder.

Here is my daily driver.


2002 WRX Wagon.jpg

The Daily Driver, 2002 WRX

She is a 2002, over 150k on her, and I want to keep her forever, but the salt on the roads here in NY are not kind to cars no matter how much you wash them.

I drove by the local Subaru dealership yesterday and saw, no drooled on the 2015 WRX.  Then sigh…no wagon, just a sedan. I knew this ahead of time since the day of the unveiling in Nov. of last year, but the reality of seeing it sets in when you see it first hand.

Of course many say, what is the big deal? Just get the sedan or the slower mom model.  Um. No.

Some of us are in love with our toys. I am. I LOVE my car. It makes trips to the store, or the park or to a shoot, FUN.  I’m never bored. It makes me happy. (cue Pharrell’s Happy song)

So I look at the new shiny toys and say, oh you aren’t what I’m looking for. But it is nice to look.


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