Spring…yard cleanup and cool discoveries

It’s 80 out and gorgeous.  I am in my office editing, desperately trying to finish so I can go out and play.  It’s not working, I’m too distracted.

Time for a break. I go water the garden, do a little weeding, and look longingly at the pool. So want to jump in, but it is still covered and filled with leaves.  It’s almost time to open, just one more week and I can dip my toes in.

That brings me to the discovery.  In order to open the pool, all of the wet leaves need to be taken out.  So, I get halfway done with that and take a break.  I see things moving in the pool, yum.

Take a closer look.  Wee baby tadpoles.  Aw man, now what to do. I can’t take the tarp off and kill them all.  So now instead of editing I’m researching how to raise tadpoles in a tank.  I think it would be a great experiment for my two creatures.


Wee Baby Tadpoles

One thought on “Spring…yard cleanup and cool discoveries

  1. Good luck with the tadpoles. I, too, tried raising them for my kids. Great fun when they start growing their legs. Kids remember this sort of stuff from their childhoods. Good luck with them!

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