Highlander Cycle Tour 2014

This past weekend I photographed the Highlander Cycle Tour with the help of Josh Saunders.

I had so much fun cheering on the riders. I was in awe as I watched them climb massive hills effortlessly. OK, so it wasn’t effortless, but there was no way I could make it up those hills.

There are several rides for all level of riders.  The event starts with a time trial on Friday night and the main tour Saturday, for road cyclists and mountain bikers.

The Time Trial on Friday night ended up at the top of Gannett Hill Road, which has a two mile, 15% grade climb the entire way up.  Impressive on how fast the riders made it up to the top.

On Saturday I started off shooting at the top of the famous Bopple Hill Road.  Bopple has a section near the top that is around 22% grade where all riders are greeted by the Grimm Reaper accompanied by bagpipes playing next to a cemetery, extremely fitting.  By the way, they did this twice.

There is quite a bit of history and beauty along the roads selected for the tour.  I wholeheartedly suggest checking out the course map and going for a ride.  The tour ride has some of the best scenic views in New York State, and don’t forget your camera.


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