How I envision a senior portrait should be.

Some of you have seen the glorious senior portrait that was submitted to an upstate NY school, a young gentleman with his cat.  A nicely superimposed cat background image with laser beams, it’s quite glorious really.  It’s stylings going back to the more simple times of the early 90’s and possibly late 80’s influence.

Now, by today’s standards it is just a tribute to those times and creates a huge bellowing chuckle.  I snorted from laughing so hard, due to its awesomeness.

I think there is a time for a change, let’s show some individuality.  I’m not saying that the laser beams should be a standard choice when you order your images, but a simple change in lighting, get out of the studio, get away from the standard poses…. let’s change it up.

Senior Portrait Sorrells Photography

A senior portrait

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