They grow up so fast

Yesterday, my husband and I sat in a 9000-degree auditorium with 160 other students’ parents to watch our children walk across a stage for their 5th grade moving up ceremony.  We didn’t have these when I was a kid, or at least I don’t remember if we did.  I don’t think any of the parents of the school I went to in Florida would sit outside in the sun in mid June unless it was at the beach with a beer in their hand.

Yesterday, I brought my camera, which I normally don’t for these types of school functions. I went with the 70-200mm, my primary lens for everything, and sat in the last row in the middle so not to stand up in anyone’s way.

As they called our son’s name I stood up, took 4 pictures, no flash, nice and fast then sat down and enjoyed the rest of the ceremony. I offered to take the picture of the daughter for the couple next to us and they were elated.

The pictures I took aren’t amazing, but a snapshot of my growing boy dressed up and growing up.  The next time we do this for him is in 7 years… I know I’m going to cry at that one.





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