Happy first day of spring

This time of the year I usually sit on the couch and surround myself in last year’s notes from my garden. What I planted, what worked, what didn’t work, etc, etc.

Next is to go through the seeds that I saved and set aside the new ones I’ve purchased. I’m a big proponent of purchasing seeds from local growers.  The past 2 seasons I’ve had great luck with the seeds from Fruition Seeds from Naples, NY.  The other brand I use is High Mowing Seeds, located in Vermont.  It’s important to check the location of where your seeds are grown. Obtaining seeds from a similar climate and soil type will impact the success you have with that seed.  I also love to support local companies such as Fruition Seeds whenever possible.

Planning… that takes longer than the planting. Trying to follow a good companion planting and avoid adversarial planting is difficult. Then you have to make sure you are rotating in the right plants to follow last season’s plantings.  It used to make my head spin. My large pile of books has helped guide me to some sanity, but I would have to say my favorite go to book is “The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible”.  (Oh, and several glasses of wine helps too.)

Many times, sowing seeds may not work, so I end up going to the public market to get smaller plants to supplement.  If you haven’t been to the Rochester Public Market, I highly recommend going during Flower Days in the Spring starting in May.  Even if you don’t buy any veggies, there all types of herbs, perennials, annuals…and yes some shrubbery.  Some that look nice and aren’t too expensive.

This week it’s time to get the garden table, seed starter pots and dirt out and plant some seeds.


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