A wee bit about myself.

Valerie Sorrells, portrait and event photographer in the Rochester area working with local clients since 2008 with over 30 years of photography experience. Starting early with my first film camera, earning a degree in Photography and Sculpture, working at Kodak for 14 years with digital cameras, and now working for myself.

Some of the things that inspire me:

The smell of the ocean.
The sound of my snowboard cutting through fresh groomed cords first thing in the morning.
The muscle pain from a great mountain bike ride in the woods.
Watching my two young Jedi padewans growing up way too fast.
The support and love from my husband.
Capturing images, moments really. The chaos of real life (or the bruises, in the case of my two young Jedi and their light sabers.)
All of my friends.

My Endeavors

I believe in sharing knowledge.  One of my jobs while I worked at Kodak was to train others on how to use their digital cameras or even just basic photography.  After I left Kodak, I still get many requests, so I started a group to encourage others to shoot and learn more about creating images.  We get together when we can. When we do, we take a couple of hours to shoot, exchange ideas, hang out, have a couple of beers, and review what we captured.  I encourage anyone to join us for a session, whether they have a DSLR, or just the camera in their phone.

Check it out and join us: Exposing Light, on Facebook.

Special Projects

Garden project




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