Garden Project

My garden project.

It all began when I decided to start my own in my back yard.  Several tomato plants, some marigolds,  and lettuce placed in the spot where we had just cut down a dying tree. It was a new beginning for me, I needed to grow something, nurture my soul after the recent unexpected passing of my father. So I started planting.  The first year was OK. A couple of tomatoes and a lot of bolted lettuce. Second year a bit better. Third even more so. Now onto my fourth year and I can’t wait what will grow this year.

I share my experiences and my images from my garden.  I am also working with other local gardeners to capture images of their gardens as well.  Share the knowledge, share the experiences.  Join us at Rochester Gardeners.

In a couple of years, I should have enough for the book that I will be publishing. So keep your eye open for that one.

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